Amber’s Corner – Goose Jerky Recipe

Goose can be a tricky thing to cook, one of my staples for goose meat is jerky. Its easy and delicious! What you need: -Goose breasts (about 1-1 1/2lbs for each kind of seasoning you plan to use) -Jerky Cure (we use Eastman Outdoors and in this specific batch we used Mesquite and Sweet Habanero) […]

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Heather’s Corner – Conservation through Hunting

Many are under the misconception that hunters are only after the kill. It can be difficult to understand how harvesting an animal can aid the conservation of its species. It is my goal to bring to light how hunters are also conservationists. According to information from the US Fish & Wildlife service; the […]

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Heather’s Corner – Lessons Learned

November 14 was a windy Sunday afternoon. I dont deer hunt from tree stands, i hunt from the ground using natural blinds. So i get to the general area i plan to hunt and the wind was just not in my favor. I walk around for a bit trying to figure out where to sit that […]

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