Erin’s Corner – Turkey Time!

This hunt was very near and dear to my heart as it was my first one on one hunt with my son. Nothing is

more important to me than my children and teaching them about all the outdoors has to offer including

hunting, fishing and conservation. We decided that this year was the year we were going to venture out

and leave dad and the younger siblings at home to harvest his and my first turkeys together.

We began the season with my son traveling after school on two separate occasions up to where I work,

which is about one and a half hours South of where we live in Colorado to do some evening hunts. On

both occasions we had turkeys in our sights and hiked several miles but the opportunity never

presented itself for a clean shot.

The morning of the take we decided we were going to make a day of it. We packed up lunches and head

out two hours before sun up to be on the hill and ready, with two steaming hot cups of coffee and the

brisk fall air nipping at our noses we headed out. When we arrived we decided that we were going to

start out driving some two track roads and checking things out before we decided on a set location as

we had seen turkeys in several locations on our previous outings. As we drove around, the quality time

we spent together was priceless and the only thing that could have made it better was some turkeys in

our sights.

As we turned the corner I looked out my window and saw a flock of turkeys off to the side within range.

I immediately stopped the truck and instructed my son to get out of the truck with his shotgun and head

to the front end of the hood. Once in position he felt he was in good range and had a clear shot and

took it…TURKEY DOWN!! The excitement on his face was worth all the riches in the world. We walked

over to his take, he was so proud. The photo session commenced and the adrenalin was flowing!!

After enjoying his success he quickly jumped into the truck and said, “Mom, I’m driving and it’s your

turn, we are getting you a bird”! So I obliged and jumped into the passenger seat, we weren’t another

100 yards down the track and again another flock of 30 turkey’s right there in front of us. My son

quickly stopped the truck and instructed me this time to quickly exit and find a good position to harvest

my turkey. As I exited the vehicle I found a spot behind some brush, put my sights on the bird I wanted


As the hunt concluded we reminisced about the day’s events as we cleaned, gutted and plucked our

birds together on the tailgate of the truck. Not only was the hunt a huge success and lasting memory for

us both, but we had fresh organic meat to put into the freezer to feed our family! I love that I am able

to introduce hunting to the next generation, just as my dad had done for me so many years ago.

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