Sherri’s Corner – Live Trapping

The best time to catch pests such as raccoons and skunks is in the spring and fall before they have had their young or before they become less active when it gets cold out. I took advantage of some nice fall weather this year and caught a few raccoons and a couple skunks. My favourite […]

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Sherri’s Corner – B&C Memories

Question: Who defines what a “trophy” deer is? Who has the right to tell you if your deer is big enough or tall enough or wide enough? Answer: No one! My absolute biggest pet peeve when people post hunting pictures is the comments of “It’s not the biggest deer….” “I only had 2 days to […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Ducks at Dawn

Waking up hours before dawn, putting on layers of clothes, making coffee in a thermos and heading out to the field to set up decoys and blinds before first light doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun to some people. But for me duck hunting has been part of an annual tradition for […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Red Pepper Mozza Backstrap Recipe

Ingredients: 1 backstrap ( I used one from my whitetail buck) 1 red pepper 1 yellow Pepper 1 brick of mozza cheese 1 lb of bacon To taste: Red chili pepper flakes, garlic salt pepper Have the backstrap fully thawed, Slice up the peppers and cut cheese into strips Make a slit in the back […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Hard Water Happiness

Patience is definitely an asset if ice fishing is one of your hobbies! January 2nd 2016 was the first day I got out ice fishing this year (Not bad for it only being 2 days in!) The weather was perfect with full sun and a slight breeze. I went with 3 friends who I don’t […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Hog Wild

Hog Wild     In 1994 Wild Boar Adventures was developed as an opportunity for the average hunter to hunt an exotic species right here at home in Canada. For many, a trip to Europe to hunt the European Wild Boar would be out of the question. At Wild Boar Adventures you can not only […]

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Bear… I mean Fish Camp

The sun goes down hours earlier these days and that has given me time to start writing my blog entries again! It’s been a few years since I’ve been bear hunting, so when I got the chance to go to a friend’s bear camp, I jumped at the chance! I packed a bag and made […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Argentina Blackbuck

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about my axis deer hunt in Argentina, so this story has the same setting, only this one tells about my search for a blackbuck antelope which began on day 3 of our hunt. Our morning started out much like the previous two did, and after breakfast we headed […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Day Two Success

Anticipation surrounding a hunting-based holiday can be overwhelming at times with all the questions, plans, flights, packing and ‘to-do’ lists that need completing. Once you’ve reached your destination though, all of the hustle and bustle surrounding all that prep work suddenly becomes well worth it, especially if your destination is the beautiful Algar Safaris […]

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Cartridge Call – Product Reviews

My first impression upon receiving the cartridge calls, was how unique their appearance is! The bullet casing deisgn is not only eye catching, but also extremely functional. This product is compact, well made and well thought out. They are easy to use and the volume and clarity of sound is bang on. A handy feature with the 22-250 […]

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