Erin’s Corner – A Turkey Release, You don’t want to Miss

A turkey release you don’t want to miss When my husband got the call to go pick up 125 turkeys to release here in Montana,we were pretty excited.The big perk of this is not only do the kids and I get to be apart of this but they get to stay the night at the […]

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Heather’s Corner – Conservation through Hunting

Many are under the misconception that hunters are only after the kill. It can be difficult to understand how harvesting an animal can aid the conservation of its species. It is my goal to bring to light how hunters are also conservationists. According to information from the US Fish & Wildlife service; the […]

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Tips for Training a ‘Shed-Hunting’ Dog

Have you ever seen on the outdoor channel the guys talking about antler dog? If you don’t know what that is, antler dogs are dog that are trained to find antlers out in the woods. It can be an extremely fun hobby for you and your furry companion to start doing, and it’s also a great way […]

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Patience is the Key to Good Shed Hunting

Like many hunters, finding those gorgeous while tail sheds in between the season is something that I look forward to. I grab our 5 dogs, a walking stick, some water and other supplies, and head out into the woods to see what bone treasures I can find. Today was the first day of shed hunting for us. […]

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Back Country Native – Product Review

Before I start, I want to clear the air, that I am a sweatshirt lover! My husband and I live in a super old house that is often drafty in the wintertime, so I live in sweatshirts and sweatpants. I really enjoy a hoodie that is not only cute, but also super soft! I put […]

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Deer Management: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Have you ever been in a room full of people where a topic comes up and immediately blood pressures rise, tempers get flared, and forehead veins start bulging? Its topics like these that most tend to shy away from in fear of the reaction it may cause. For some, deer management is one of those topics. When […]

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Processing Game

This past week we spent most of our time processing our game from this year’s hunting season. We get together with family and friends and do what we can to make the process fun. I feel like this is an important part of hunting. If you haven’t processed an animal before, or haven’t been around the procedure, I […]

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The Ethical Debate

The killing of wild animals for food is one of the most controversial topics today. Society has changed their attitudes towards animals, and how they view their rights. Leaving society to question, is hunting morally ethical? In early America hunting used to be the only means for providing meat for your family. Now days […]

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Facing Fears

Growing up, hunting wasn’t something I had ever been exposed to. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I got into the sport, at the time I was nineteen. Immediately, my passion for the outdoors was awakened. Between studying and learning from my husband, I grew and evolved into a hunter in my own […]

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Crow Hunting

My husband and his friends have crow hunted for years & always told me how much fun it is. I always had the same opinion as I’m sure most people have when it comes to crow hunting: “Why on earth would anybody want to shoot crows?” Well, it turns out that I have been missing […]

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