Emphasizing Optics

The raspy bugle ripped through the crisp air. Leaning into the eye piece of my spotting scope, a large silhouette contrasted against the frosty slope. Lifting my head, my eyes revealed only darkness. Thankful for my quality optics (that collect more light than my naked eye), I stared back into my scope to judge the […]

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More than a Pursuit

Why do you hunt? For most people, it is primarily about the pursuit. However, sometimes having a tag in your pocket is just an excuse to get out and enjoy nature’s beauty. A pristine sunrise, as you overlook mountain ridges on a crisp fall morning, can paint a view that will put any Picasso to […]

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Mule Deer Emotions

At a mere 12 yards, I was sure that the bedded buck would hear my pounding heart. The story of how I had come to be standing on that coulee side, with bow ready to draw, was emotionally exhausting in itself. My first archery mule deer was about to reshape my life. The moment was […]

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Keep the Wild in Your Heart

The piercing wind and horizontal rain bit into me. The cliffy slopes that I now stood above had robbed my legs of their spring. The biggest theft of all, however, was of the view. The weatherman had lied to me again, and the mountain storm had crowded into my goat basin. Sitting in the fog, […]

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