Rhonda’s Corner –

This was my very first time hunting. I remember feeling slightly embarrassed because I didn’t even have any camo!!! I was living in Cleveland, Montana in the foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains. What a beautiful area for my first hunt. That year we had a less than average snowfall , but still enough to […]

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Steph’s Corner – Crossbow in the Arms

So proud to be hunting and having that crossbow in my arms! Beautiful day, outdoors, so where is my deer? Welp I didn’t get one that day. I had one moment earlier that day, I could of had one. But luck just pooped on me that day. So earlier, I was next to my godfather. […]

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Rhonda’s Corner – My Biggest Buck

This picture was taken 5 years ago when I lived in Lennep, Montana. I have hunted from a blind for several years but this was my first buck shot from a blind. I am used to hunting spot and stalk style so hunting from a blind was very different for me. I had seen this […]

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Kelly’s Corner – Practice, practice, practice

As bow season comes to a close here in southwest Missouri, I find myself already thinking and preparing for NEXT season. In our household, not only do we hunt as a family but we also practice as a family. Generally we get really excited thinking about preparing for the next go ‘round of hunting and […]

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Amber’s Corner – The Adventure

My passion for the outdoors isn’t just a passion, for me hunting and being in the outdoors is my life. From the time that I was just a baby my parents and grandparents continuously had my brother any myself outside hunting, fishing or just enjoying nature. I am lucky enough to live in an area […]

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Lisa’s Corner – Bowfishing

Is there anything better to do in the summer besides fishing? Yep! It’s called bow fishing!! A much looked over, and growing popularity sport. Most people, just attach a bow fishing kit, (purchased at hunting stores) and attach it to their hunting bow. Not me!! I chose to buy a PSE tidal wave, […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Anchor Sight

I recently became Team Leader of a hunting team and have the privilege of working with some really great sponsors. One of those is archery innovations. Archery innovations is the creator of the anchor sight. If you have not heard of this I am not surprised, most people hunt with a peep sight, I myself […]

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Jeana’s Bow Review

Lately as I have been visiting my hunting sites and posting on my Facebook groups I have come across a couple of things which have caught my attention. One thing in particular is the excessive goading and badgering back and forth between people on the brands of bows that they shoot. Trust me I know […]

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Meet Queen Melissa

My name is Melissa and I originally grew up hunting back in Michigan. I always loved it, but mostly just went out with my father. 5 years ago I moved to Wyoming and met Tucker who also loved hunting. He started teaching me how to shoot and to shoot accurately. I was always afraid of […]

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The Buck I Thought I Missed

The Spring of 2013 I bought my very first bow, a Mathews Passion, I was in love. I spent the rest of my Spring, Summer and Fall days practicing. Due to being out of town I had to miss the first few days of opening season but when I got home my first priority was […]

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