Tayla’s Corner – How to do a Skull Dip

Thinking of how to mount your deer could be a difficult decision. Full shoulder mounts, as wonderful as they can be are very expensive. The cheaper route would be to go with a european mount and dipping the skull can add a decorative flare. The process is very easy and fun as well. All you need for this exciting project is the following:

  1. Spray paint (pick out multiple colors)
  2. 5 gallon bucket
  3. Water
  4. Paint stick
  5. Tape

One of the most recent dipped skull mounts I did I used four different colors. First, take the tape and tape the base of the antlers about 3-4 inches up the tines, that way the spray paint stays clear of the rack. Then fill up the five gallon bucket with water almost all the way to the top. Then take it to an open area so that the spray paint does not get on anything else. Take the time to shake up all the spray paint cans so you may need an extra pair of hands to help out and speed up the process. Next, you will pick out a color and start to spray it into the center of the water. The paint will spread out into a ring in the water and you will need to hold down the nozzle for at least ten seconds depending on how much you want. Pick out another color quickly and start the same process in the middle of the water. It will take a while for the surface of the water to get filled fully with paint. Make sure after switching colors often that you cannot see anymore clear water. At this point the paint layer will be slightly drying and this is when you need to grab the skull mount.

Grab the antlers and make sure the front of the skull is facing away from you and hold it down at a slight angle. Then slowly push the skull into the water until it is fully submerged, grab your paint stick, and push away the excess paint to the edge of the bucket. Slowly lift the antlers up and out of the water and let the extra water drip off the skull. Once the excess water has dripped off, hang your skull mount by the antlers to let dry for one day. Once it is dry you have the option to layer it with a clear coat of spray paint. Remove the tape from the antlers to reveal the final product.

I personally had the most fun dipping one of my skull mounts that had just been hanging on my closet door for years. It spices up the look and makes it more unique especially since I used the colors like pink, purple, black, and gray. It’s a great family activity and each one comes out different with a unique pattern each time.

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