Meeting Mimi

Hello QoC blog readers! First I want to thank my readers, you guys are all awesome and I appreciate you coming back to read my blog! Now, I never formally introduced myself. My name is Mimi Miracle and I am from Southern Indiana. I am 21 and a beginning huntress, I just got my first […]

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Turkey Season with Mimi

Like last turkey season, this one was also a complete fail, but also like last season I made some good memories and of course some great stories. & As always during turkey season I had my huntin buddy/boyfriend by my side during every hunt. Round 1 of season we heard plenty of gobbles, but where […]

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Product Review –

I had never heard of CamoTrading before, but I am so happy I found it! When first getting on the website I did not like how the first page had pictures of girls in camo lingerie, only because I was at work and didn’t want my co-workers or boss thinking that was how I spent […]

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Mushroom and Turkey Season

Today I walked outside and got hit with several rain drops, I took a deep sniff of the fresh Spring air and thought to myself that smell can only mean 2 things. Mushroom and Turkey season is approaching! Last year was my first time going hunting for turkey’s, I wish I could say I ended […]

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The Buck I Thought I Missed

The Spring of 2013 I bought my very first bow, a Mathews Passion, I was in love. I spent the rest of my Spring, Summer and Fall days practicing. Due to being out of town I had to miss the first few days of opening season but when I got home my first priority was […]

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