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This was my very first time hunting. I remember feeling slightly embarrassed because I didn’t even have any camo!!! I was living in Cleveland, Montana in the foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains. What a beautiful area for my first hunt.

That year we had a less than average snowfall , but still enough to track game. All week we had seen only 4 bucks and a few does. I was fortunate that the house I lived in was literally at the foothills of the mountain so every day I could walk out my backdoor about three quarters of a mile and see deer.

That morning was no different. Right away I came across a few does, but they were never in a position to where I could get a clean shot. The mountains I lived in have lots of ravines so it was a lot of uphill, downhill. And it seemed that the deer love to hang out in the bottom of these ravines.

It was about mid morning when I spotted a lone buck standing down in the bottom of one of the ravines. He was about 100 or so yards away and didn’t even know I was there. He stood broadside, not moving for about 10 minutes. I remember thinking “wow do they all do this for you”. After getting into position, 10 minutes seem like a very long time. But it was perfect, he didn’t even walk two feet. In all my days hunting since then no deer has ever stood there like he did.

My first hunt was what made me fall in love with hunting. I love the whole aspect of hunting. From scouting to field dressing to processing.

I am thankful for where I live and the places I have been able to hunt.

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