Tips for Training a ‘Shed-Hunting’ Dog

Have you ever seen on the outdoor channel the guys talking about antler dog? If you don’t know what that is, antler dogs are dog that are trained to find antlers out in the woods. It can be an extremely fun hobby for you and your furry companion to start doing, and it’s also a great way […]

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Patience is the Key to Good Shed Hunting

Like many hunters, finding those gorgeous while tail sheds in between the season is something that I look forward to. I grab our 5 dogs, a walking stick, some water and other supplies, and head out into the woods to see what bone treasures I can find. Today was the first day of shed hunting for us. […]

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Spoonbill: Bad Meat or Bad Prepping

I recently went on my very first spoonbill snagging trip in Oklahoma. Before the trip I decided to research as much as I could on the process of cleaning, prepping and cooking the spoonbill meat. To my surprise many pages and articles expressed their disgust of the meat. One person even said that the best way to cook […]

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