Morgan’s Corner – Gary Hunt

Hunting is a place where I can actually sit in peace and quite and reflect on life. Its my time to be alone with God, and to really sit and pray, sometimes when hunting i turn my phone off. When you start to disconnect with the internet and Social media it really does wonders in your life.

This picture was taken in some back waters of Gary Indiana, and I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Gary, IN. Its a high crime city, here in NWI, There are a lot of Marshes and the Calument river runs through Gary.

It made me realize there is light everywhere we go, there is always opportunity for success anywhere you are. Hunting can be a place to reach out to people and get people involved with something that is so important and so great.

That morning we met a fellow at a gas station close by and he was so intrigued with all the camo I had on, and he didn’t even know what duck hunting was. It dawned on me that some people don’t have the opportunities like some of us do.

So its important to be involved with your community and start groups and share how important conservation is, you may plant seeds in people and get others involved with keeping the environment clean and healthy for our wild life!

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