Morgan’s Corner – Gary Hunt

Hunting is a place where I can actually sit in peace and quite and reflect on life. Its my time to be alone with God, and to really sit and pray, sometimes when hunting i turn my phone off. When you start to disconnect with the internet and Social media it really does wonders in […]

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Stephanee’s Corner – The Duck Couple

So here I am with my hubby. Camoed out and wearing a duck dynasty hoodie. It was a gorgeous day for duck hunting! And I’m just happy to be outside. Away from the city!! I can’t remember if it was my 1st duck hunt, but I remember all too well that the ducks were not […]

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VIDEO – Meet Queen Morgan

Please join us in welcoming Queen Morgan to the Queens of Camo Team! Morgan is a self-taught, independent huntress who lives in beautiful Northwest Indiana. She hunts deer, turkey, but her specialty is waterfowl. Whenever she is not hunting she is taking care of her chickens, ducks, and daughter. We could not more proud of […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Ducks at Dawn

Waking up hours before dawn, putting on layers of clothes, making coffee in a thermos and heading out to the field to set up decoys and blinds before first light doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun to some people. But for me duck hunting has been part of an annual tradition for […]

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Amber’s Corner – When It Comes to Waterfowl Hunting it’s Quantity Over Quality

Waterfowling is a magnificent sport that takes a lot of devoted time and dedication. Every hunt is different and either yields good or bad results. But each time you take the things you did wrong and change them in hopes that the next time will bring better luck. Birds are very intelligent, so staying a step […]

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Amber’s Corner – Opening Day Teal Season

Teal season was among us and we were running out of options of places to hunt that morning due to the number of birds being very sparse. We scouted all of our old spots and could not seem to find enough birds to fill our straps. East Texas is usually warm enough during teal season […]

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Kelsey’s Corner – The Importance of Duck IDs

Thanks to reality TV, the “Duck Dynasty” era has brought some major attention to the duck hunting industry. Whether or not this attention is making a positive or negative impact on duck hunting and hunters is up for debate. There is, of course, the fact that interest in the sport has increased which leads to […]

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Beak Busters Duck Call – Product Review

I got the privilege to try out a handmade duck call from one of the Queens of Camo’s sponsors, “Beak Busters”. I’ve had some experience with waterfowl calling, and I must say, this has to be one of the easiest calls I’ve ever worked with! I was completely impressed with what Beak Busters had made, and […]

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