The Art of Taking Great Trail Cam Photos

Most hunters are aware of trail cameras, and the how beneficial they can be when it comes to patterning the specific animal you are hunting. Trail cameras can also be used for surveillance and security of a home or business. However, one of my favorite pass times involves using a trail camera to capture unique […]

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The Importance of a Good Safety Harness

For many years when I hunted, I would limit myself to hunting on the ground only. I hunted out of box blinds and ground blinds. I would never consider the option of climbing due to an extreme fear of heights. When my love of bow hunting began to grow I realized I was really cutting […]

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Opening Day Turkey Hunt

It was finally opening morning of turkey season in Kentucky. I had been anticipating this day since deer season ended in January. I couldn’t wait to test out my new Little Runt decoy. It was a cold, crisp morning with temperatures in the 30’s, which made me a little nervous about how active the turkeys […]

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The Ethical Debate

The killing of wild animals for food is one of the most controversial topics today. Society has changed their attitudes towards animals, and how they view their rights. Leaving society to question, is hunting morally ethical? In early America hunting used to be the only means for providing meat for your family. Now days […]

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