Wild Game Recipe – Jeana’s Bear Roast N Red Potatoes

Bear roast n red potatoes Bear roast Bag of baby carrots or carrots cut to size 1 small onion Red potatoes cut to size 1 cup v 8 juice 2 envelopes beefy onion cup of soup Salt Pepper 1 12 Oz beer Place roast in crockpot on high heat. Add 2 pouches of beefy onion […]

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Arika’s Corner – 2016 Ontario Spring Archery Black Bear Hunt

My husband Curt and I both chose a career in law enforcement knowing that many sacrifices would come with this career. One sacrifice that I did not count on was that the city and department we worked for would have a policy that would not allow officers to marry each other. After an 11 year […]

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Sharon’s Corner – Hunting for Grizzly Bear

Our hunting season always consisted of hunting for only ungulates. Hunting for bear was never on our agenda. In 2014 we decided to take on the challenge of hunting Spring grizzly bear. It is done through a Limited Entry Hunting draw in our area, so being able to hunt one means you have to win […]

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