Morgan’s Corner – My first Buck

The moment you have been waiting for….your first buck. My experience wasn’t drastic or as suspenseful as some, it wasn’t countless hours spending in the off season setting food plots or trail cams, finding scrapes, and bedding areas. It was being at the right place at the right time.

I remember the day perfectly, I was on my way to go hunt in a friends tree stand, I wasn’t having much luck the deer were moving through at night where I hunt. It was a long day and I just didn’t have high hopes, My fiancé didn’t get home from work on time and I was running late to the stand.

Just seemed like everything was going wrong and I was just feeling blue, but they always say a bad day hunting is better than no day hunting! When I am in the woods its just peaceful and it is always a great way to wind down and relax. While I only had an hour of daylight left, I knew I wasn’t going to see anything and I was ok with that.

While I was up there I said a little prayer and I wasn’t praying for a big buck or anything, I was just praying for an opportunity to get any deer for my family. Not 10 min later here comes a doe up the trail and I was so excited! Any time you have deer walking up on you it is just the best adrenalin rush, While I was setting my iron sights on her I see white and thats when I saw this big beautiful 8 pointer.

He was trailing that doe and I just was patient and watched them get closer and closer, my heart was racing now, this was my first buck (besides a button buck). I drew my sights on him taking deep slow breaths, My heart was racing, I was slow and steady and finally the opportunity came, and I was at a total relaxed. He didn’t run far and I watched him go down, I was shaking and so excited. I waited what I thought was forever, but was most likely a few minutes, I approached with caution and there he was my first Buck.

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