The Mother Huntress

As a mom I can still remember the excitement I felt when my boys smiled at me for the first time, their first words (neither of which were mama), learned to crawl and took their first steps. I remember the anxiety I felt as I dropped them off to pre school, then to kindergarten, and […]

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Queen Kayla & Princess Railee – Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God….

Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God…. Railee, a 6 year old girl from the small Texas town of Seguin, has found a great love for the outdoors. Born and raised in Texas, hunting was guaranteed to become part of her lifestyle. Railee’s passion began at the age of 5 and is […]

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A Dad’s Perspective on Raising a Future Queen of Camo

My name is Steve from Groves, Texas. I have hunting with my family since I was 6 years old. Hunting as a child I learned the ins and outs of what you needed to know to be successful in the field. I started guiding waterfowl hunts in 1992, and had the opportunity to hunt many […]

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A Husband’s Perspective – Gene Explains Being Married to a Queen of Camo

My wife has been hunting since she could sludge thru the central PA snow where she grew up. We have always enjoyed hunting together and a couple years back decided to start filming our hunts. As you know it’s not the easiest thing to do especially while bow hunting! Add in our green factor and […]

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Queen Angela – Raising a Prince of Camo

I’m a 36 year old mother of 4. My husband has a daughter and I have three sons. All of our boys hunt and participate in outdoor activities. They bow shoot, fish, noodle, and shoot firearms. I began hunting with my dad and uncle at a very young age. I developed quite an addiction very […]

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Back Country Native – Product Review

Before I start, I want to clear the air, that I am a sweatshirt lover! My husband and I live in a super old house that is often drafty in the wintertime, so I live in sweatshirts and sweatpants. I really enjoy a hoodie that is not only cute, but also super soft! I put […]

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Introducing Children to Hunting

Nothing makes me happier than to hear my two year old son, River, say “Mama, I want to hunt with you.” Or my nine year old daughter, Brooklyn, ask to go sit with me and watch as I hunt. The fact that my children show interest, and are eager to learn is gratifying to both […]

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Tips for a Successful Youth Turkey Hunt

As when hunting any type of game, the excitement builds well before the hunt, and grows as the tom drums his way to your setup, getting so close and so loud his calls echo against your soul. There is nothing quite like the thrill or anticipation of a turkey hunt. Unbelievably, this intense excitement can […]

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Tips for Taking Kids Hunting

The goal when taking your kids, grand kids, or any youth, is to try to make the trip fun, leaving those young hunters wanting more. We don’t want blow a chance at hooking a kid on hunting. We got the passion and we want to pass it on. It’s up to us. They are the […]

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Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping with kids takes a lot of work, but it can be a pleasant experience. Safety is always the number one priority when camping, but when you bring children along, the significance of that credo increases exponentially. As you probably know, planning is the secret to successful camping. This requires thinking ahead. Be sure to […]

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