Erin’s Corner – Turkey Time!

This hunt was very near and dear to my heart as it was my first one on one hunt with my son. Nothing is more important to me than my children and teaching them about all the outdoors has to offer including hunting, fishing and conservation. We decided that this year was the year we […]

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Erin’s Corner – A Turkey Release, You don’t want to Miss

A turkey release you don’t want to miss When my husband got the call to go pick up 125 turkeys to release here in Montana,we were pretty excited.The big perk of this is not only do the kids and I get to be apart of this but they get to stay the night at the […]

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Queen Julianne’s First Gobbler

Hunting turkeys was something I had just really gotten into the previous year; up until then I had pretty much stuck to just deer. I had fallen instantly in love with spring gobbler though the very first time I went out. What a thrill my first season was – full of strutting toms, brightly colored […]

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Wild Game Recipe – Tara’s Wild Turkey & Dumplings

2 Wild Turkey Breasts 8 cups Turkey Broth (saved from cooking) 2 cups flour 2 Tbs. butter 1/2 tsp. baking powder salt to taste (I add and taste, etc) 1 C Milk First, boil your turkey breasts until done. Time will depend upon the size. I save 8 cups of the broth, then shred the […]

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Recipe – Queen Nikki’s Wild Turkey Bite Recipe

Wild turkey bite recipe: Be sure to soak the breast the night before cooking in a pot of salt water. 1) Peel the membranous white film off the turkey breast because that film will make it chewy. 2) Cut the breast making 1/2 inch to 1 inch bite size pieces 3) dip the pieces in […]

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Meet Queen Nikki – East Tennessee Mother, Wife, Huntress

My name is Nikki and I’m from East Tennessee. I reside in the city of Maryville. I’m a mother of 2 spectacular young men and I work in a hospital lab when I’m not hunting. As a child up till now I’ve always been an adrenaline seeking adventurous outdoor type of lady. I enjoy rifle […]

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2016 Spring Nebraska Archery Turkey Hunt

The moment I met my husband, I knew he was a keeper. I had always loved the outdoors but my hunting had been limited to firearms deer hunting. Curt was an archer and to spend more time with him, I asked if he would introduce me to archery hunting. Curt gladly accepted and after dating […]

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Turkey Season with Mimi

Like last turkey season, this one was also a complete fail, but also like last season I made some good memories and of course some great stories. & As always during turkey season I had my huntin buddy/boyfriend by my side during every hunt. Round 1 of season we heard plenty of gobbles, but where […]

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More than Decoration

  As fog lifted from the green field, a powerful gobble broke the silence of the crisp Spring morning. Moments later a separate gobble sounded across the river and then another. Multiple toms were near and the excitement was making it hard to sit still. Grinning from ear to ear I adjusted my face mask. […]

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Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and challenging hunts the woods have to offer. A new hunter can be quite successful hunting turkeys because it is inexpensive and doesn’t require much experience. In Missouri, Spring hunting season takes place during turkey mating season and male turkeys are vulnerable and vocal. Gobblers […]

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