Misty’s Corner – Cedar Creek Fishing Tourney

I was fishing a tournament on Cedar Creek Lake up by Fort Worth last summer in June. It was a very busy weekend for the lake. There were family’s out tubing, boating, fishing. People out just enjoying their summer on the lake. There were also three different bass clubs fishing tournaments on the lake […]

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Misty’s Corner – When Fishing… Stay Alert

When hunting or fishing you should always stay alert to your surroundings. Remember we are the visitors in the outdoors, when you least expect it, your hunting or fishing trip can turn into a survival of the fittest. Don’t become the hunted while you’re trying to hunt. There are so many things to be […]

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Misty’s Corner – The Good Ole Trout Line

Have you ever run a trot line? It’s a lazy way of fishing for a good amount of fish. I have enjoyed many mornings and nights on the river or lake running trot lines. The most exciting was the night I caught a 56 pound monster catfish! Many people will tell you not to fish […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Hard Water Happiness

Patience is definitely an asset if ice fishing is one of your hobbies! January 2nd 2016 was the first day I got out ice fishing this year (Not bad for it only being 2 days in!) The weather was perfect with full sun and a slight breeze. I went with 3 friends who I don’t […]

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Bear… I mean Fish Camp

The sun goes down hours earlier these days and that has given me time to start writing my blog entries again! It’s been a few years since I’ve been bear hunting, so when I got the chance to go to a friend’s bear camp, I jumped at the chance! I packed a bag and made […]

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Lisa’s Corner – Bowfishing

Is there anything better to do in the summer besides fishing? Yep! It’s called bow fishing!! A much looked over, and growing popularity sport. Most people, just attach a bow fishing kit, (purchased at hunting stores) and attach it to their hunting bow. Not me!! I chose to buy a PSE tidal wave, […]

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Spoonbill: Bad Meat or Bad Prepping

I recently went on my very first spoonbill snagging trip in Oklahoma. Before the trip I decided to research as much as I could on the process of cleaning, prepping and cooking the spoonbill meat. To my surprise many pages and articles expressed their disgust of the meat. One person even said that the best way to cook […]

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Summer Fishing in North Dakota

When I was young I grew up fishing with my grandfather. After getting into high school I really never had time with how busy I was. I veered away from fishing for a long time, finally this summer I got back into it. I bought a rod, got some friends into it, and went out as much […]

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The Fish that Changed My Life

This picture is a memory that I will NEVER forget because this beautiful summer day changed my life forever. I was fishing with my friends from my hometown at a camp pond. I usually fish this spot a lot in the summer and land a couple nice bass and that’s usually all. I was standing […]

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Reel in the Cure

My name is Courtney and I have been fishing since I was just a little girl. Throughout I’ve made many accomplishments with my fishing experiences. I am now sponsored by two companies called “Pink Fishing” and “Lockett Lures” Pink fishing is a wonderful company that sells clothes and fishing gear, and all the profit they […]

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