Steph’s Corner – First Deer Hunt

This was my first deer hunt, which was last year. It was the most fun hunting experience I’ve had! Usually I’m hunting upland birds, but this hunt was special.
So why was this special? Well, first off, it was my first time using a crossbow. I absolutely loved learning to use it, and practicing! Every practice got me more excited for my 1st time out. I couldn’t wait to get my deer! I felt the crossbow and I were one instrument, and I continued to improve with each practice.
Hunt time! In the stand ready to go. My godfather (who had been teaching me everything about deer hunting) was in his spot, and I was alone waiting for the sun to rise. Dawn slowly approaches and I admire the beautiful rays quietly in the crisp air.
Crunch! Where did that come from?! Suddenly I see a young deer. I moved to get the crossbow in position. But this one isn’t built for me, and it’s heavy. The deer straightens and becomes alert. I stop moving and just stare. Our eyes meet. The world stops and time is frozen.
The deer slowly walks off. Why couldn’t I have full strength in my arms? Why did my muscular dystrophy make it hard to get the bow into position? Why was the deer so skiddish? Why oh why couldn’t I of had my shot? The questions haunted me for the next 10 minutes after the deer left. But after that, peace and understanding. That deer wasn’t mine. It wasn’t my time yet. Just a beautiful creation of God’s. My buck will come. When that time comes, my bow and my aim will be true due to God’s grace. I cannot wait!!

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