Erin’s Corner – Tale of a Texas WhiteTail

This hunt came about in nothing short of a twist of fate. One afternoon as I sat and chatted with a

fellow employee, Jackie, she was sharing with me a Texas Whitetail hunt she was venturing out on in the

next three weeks. As the conversation continued I said, “I would love to go on a hunt like that” and

immediately Jackie said there was room and I should go and just like that I was booked and ready!

As the weeks drew closer I began to learn more of the details surrounding the hunt. It would be an all

girls hunt on a private ranch in Sheffield, TX. Most of the women did not know each other as this was all

planned and carried out through social media. Most of the girls were bow hunters, which I am not, so

that concerned me a little but was reassured that all of the women would also be bringing their rifles.

The excitement was building as the days ticked closer and closer. The plan came together that I was to

carpool with Jackie down to Texas and we would meet up with all of the girls on Thursday to begin


Wednesday morning arrived and we loaded up in Jackie’s Tahoe and took to the open road. The road

trip was a blast as we began to learn more and more about each other, since previously we had only

spoken mainly about work. The fifteen hour road trip from our home in Colorado to Midland, Texas

came and went and before we knew it we were pulling into our hotel for the night, excited for what the

next morning would bring. Thursday morning we quickly gathered our bags and headed out to finally

meet the “mystery” girls!

The first group of girls, DeZerRey and Christine who we met up with were amazing. They had to work

the previous day, so they had driven straight through from Wyoming to meet us in Midland that

morning in order to follow us to Sheffield to meet up with the remaining women. The excitement was

definitely building! When we pulled into Sheffield we connected with the remaining two huntresses,

Sidnee and Sue, again two of the sweetest girls. From there we caravanned to Dry Creek Ranch where

we would meet up with all of our amazing hosts / guides for the trip. Mr. Bob and Mr. Al met us at the

gate and chauffeured us to the ranch house. Once there, we girls didn’t waste much time unloading and

changing into our camo so we could head out for the evening hunt.

The guides loaded us up into separate trucks and took us out to our blinds. On the very first night,

about an hour into my hunt, I saw MY buck. He stood less than 100 yards from me and there was no

doubt he was the one I had been dreaming of. I took my time and watched him until he presented me

with the perfect opportunity and then BANG he was down. The adrenaline was pumping and I couldn’t

have been more excited. I had filled my buck tag and still had three days to hunt does and javelinas.

The remainder of my time on the ranch was amazing enjoying Mr. Bob’s cooking, our excellent

accommodations, spending time with new friends, filling the remainder of my tags and even being able

to share a blind with Jackie on two hunts as she filled her buck and javelina tags. The experience was a

once in a lifetime thrill without a doubt!

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