Steph’s Corner – Crossbow in the Arms

So proud to be hunting and having that crossbow in my arms! Beautiful day, outdoors, so where is my deer?

Welp I didn’t get one that day. I had one moment earlier that day, I could of had one. But luck just pooped on me that day.
So earlier, I was next to my godfather. We hunkered down in some brush. We used a huge log in front of us to hide us and my godfather used it to lean on. He was mostly there to help guide me to kill my 1st deer. I was behind him, waiting.
Crunch crunch. Steph! My godfather said quietly but assertively. I look to my left and see three beautiful does approaching. One comes so close, I can see those big doe eyes and eyelashes just batting away. But they were behind a brush pile and my shot would definitely not make it through. So….. they walk out in front of us! Finally!!
I get my bow up and ready. I aim and put the cross hairs of my scope right on her heart. Then I hear “Steph, wait!” I take my eyes out of the scope and see my godfather backing up. The does look right at us and bound away. What the heck?! My godfather tells me that if I had fired, the arms of my crossbow would have nailed him in the face when I shot.
Good thing I didn’t fire….. The man who was taking time to teach me all about about deer hunting was worth more than that deer. Although the jerky would have been nice. Guess I’m just buying myself jerky from the store this time…until we meet again doe.

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