3rd Time Wasn’t a Charm… It was a Squeal!

Well, the 3rd hunt with Holt at the same location for the big buck happened tonight. It wasn’t a charm, it was a squeal!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take him because I’ve been pretty sick for a few days with bronchitis and upper respiratory infection, so his dad took him.
They arrived near the feeder we figured the bucks were headed towards again about half an hour before feed time. They didn’t climb in the blind because they didn’t want to make too much noise if they needed to get out to rattle or get in better position. They positioned themselves to the side of the blind instead, where they would be hidden, but Kevin could still help Holt by spotting the gun if he needed to for a steady shot. Then they patiently, yah right, if you have kids you know it wasn’t all that patiently, waited for the feeders.
Kevin motioned to Holt that he thought he heard something in the brush, and they thought deer were on the way. Then they caught motion to the side of them, but it was a doe and a fawn. Just a few more minutes to feed time now, and Holt was anticipating the bucks. All of a sudden the clatter of the corn against the feeder and legs spun out, and Holt’s eyes opened to the size of softballs.
All at once they heard the rustle of the leaves again, and what appeared? Nope, not the big 8, but a herd of hogs! Wahoo, the game was on, because everyone knows our family LOVES to hog hunt! Kevin helped Holt get into position, and because of the need to control the hog population as much as possible, he told Holt to aim for the large black sow as soon as he had a shot. Well, in kid terms that meant get the gun up, look in the scope, take aim, squeeze, not too much breathing in between lol!
The other boars and sows and babies ran off, and the sow ran the other direction. They could tell by the report of the shot and appearance of the sow as she humped up that it was a great shot, and she wasn’t going far. They gave her a bit, and walked to where she was standing when he shot. Great blood trail, great shot, and 100 yards away, a great sow, and a tremendously happy little boy! Well, tremendously happy parents too! If I had to miss out on hunting with Holt, at least his hunt was a success, and his dad was able to be there anyways! Awesome memory, and still a big buck to go!

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  1. Jessica Abbate

    I love hearing the youth hunting stories. Way to go Holt!

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