AR…. a great style for the ladies

Sometimes the perfect opportunities come up that help you enlighten others to the wonderful world of hunting. Anytime I can open someone’s eyes to hunting that were previously shut, is an opportunity to help a healthy wonderful sport grow. I have been around firearms my entire life. My father introduced me to hunting and shooting firearms at an early age. I have always enjoyed shooting handguns at local ranges and even like sighting in my own rifle. I think testing which ammunition shoots best out of each gun can be very informative and fun. I have a great respect for firearms and enjoy using them to hunt with and to practice target shooting with.
We spend our holidays at my Grandmother’s farm. There is a sectioned off shooting range away from the house and live stock. During the holidays some of my family join me in shooting skeet with shot guns and targets with hand guns and rifles. A little friendly wager on a skeet shooting competition is always a good time! Especially if you are the winner with a heavier wallet! This past Christmas Holiday a younger girl cousin of mine came out to shoot with us. This was a huge surprise because she had never shown interest in guns or hunting before. She had always passed when asked to come shoot with us. Her new found interest got me excited not only was she interested in guns but also in hunting! Yeah lady hunters! We might have one more joining our outdoor adventures!
Some of the issues I have had with guns have been size and weight related. I personally don’t mind the kick of the larger calibers because I don’t feel the big guns kick when I’m hunting. The adrenaline I get from pulling the trigger at an animal masks feeling the recoil of the gun. Truth be told sighting in larger rifles isn’t very fun but that is something that you only do once or twice a year. For some other women I have heard feed back that recoil is the number one reason they are afraid to shoot guns; which deters them from ever wanting to hunt. Guns can be very intimidating to someone who has never been exposed to them. This was the case for my cousin. She was intimidated and worried about how hard the gun was going to kick and wanted to know if the it was going to hurt her. After watching me shoot several guns she decided that she would shoot my AR15. This surprised me because the AR looks very intimidating but was probably the perfect gun to start her with because of its light weight and light recoil.
I sometimes hunt with AR 15 riffles. In my opinion their light weight, durability, coupled with accuracy make a great gun for a women. AR style rifles definitely have their place in the fields hunting. They can be used for taking everything from small game to big game. I primarily use mine for predator and hog hunting. In some cases of predator and hog hunting you need the extra round capacity and speed found in the AR. With the thousands of accessories available for ARs a women or anyone for that matter, can customize their rifle to fit there personal hunting preferences. From scopes to holographic sights, there are so many choices for these guns when it comes to helping the hunter with their specific needs. Another plus to AR 15 riffles in hunting is the inexpensive cost of ammunition. As far as hunting riffles go it doesn’t get much cheaper to shoot than an AR style riffle. I love my AR 15 and have harvested many delicious pigs with it. Once my cousin shot the AR15 she immediately fell in love with it too. She decided that she wanted to shoot more and learn about hunting and someday soon go on a pig hunt with me and my AR! I can’t wait to take her! Go lady hunters!

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4 comments on “AR…. a great style for the ladies

  1. Candace

    Great blog Nena!! I love all of my AR’s and they are super fun to hunt with, lightweight with awesome adjustable stocks. I agree they are a great firearm for women hunters! Nice hog too!!!

  2. AtlasExplorer

    Well put! Glad to see some good PR for the “evil” AR. And you’re right, ARs definitely have a place in the field!

    ARs are incredibly versatile, especially now that so many manufacturers are chambering them in calibers other than 5.56 & 7.62. LMT is now even offering a switch-barrel version that really turns the platform into an all-around sporting rifle.

    If I was introducing new shooters and/or small-framed shooters to centerfire rifle shooting and I had to choose between a traditional “intro” caliber rifle like a bolt action .243 or an AR chambered in .260 Remington, I’d choose the AR every time.

    It’s rare that one gun is so perfectly suited for children, adults, men, and women, but the AR certainly fits that bill. Glad to see someone else who feels the same way.

    Keep up the good work.

    -Jason in Texas

  3. nena

    Candace, thanks…..and I’m happy to see another lady hunting with AR’s!

    Jason, Glad you enjoyed the blog! You are right on with your comments and I am happy that someone else can see the rifles in a positive way.

    Thanks Ya’ll! Nena

  4. Yes, you are right, whenever an opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the wonderful world of hunting presents itself (just like a clear broadside), with very few exceptions, you have a golden duty to follow it through. For me, skeet shooting has never held the same appeal as hunting. If I am shooting clays, and a line of ducks flies through (as they tend to where I shoot), it’s a big distraction to say the least!

    The way you helped your cousin, by example, was obviously right – as the results demonstrate. No doubt your family connection was a factor but, even without that personal link, the opportunity for a girl who wants to shoot to be helped by a lady hunter has obvious advantages. It certainly facilitates trust – especially when you come to concerns such as recoil which need a sympathetic approach.

    By using the AR15 as an entry level gun, but one which is ideal for such a range of predator to big game hunting, and by gaining your cousin’s affection for it, you have saved a great deal of time in preparing her for hunting. I do hope you will be able to continue your expert tuition and welcome a new lady hunter to the best way of life in general and Queens of camo in particular!

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