.50 Caliber Fever

There are some moments that will be forever engrained in your mind & some phone calls that you will never get over. Ring, ring…do you want to shoot a .50 cal? What? For real? Ummm YES! Who would even think twice about that?! My hesitancy was more of disbelief that I would get the chance than whether or not I wanted to!

When I saw the beautiful gun I was in awe of such a weapon and tool. The weight of the gun was noticeable and the price tag on such a masterpiece was intense but I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.

After marveling at the .50 cal for a few minutes we set up a target about 400 yards away (further would have been better but given our lay of the land it wasn’t safe). There was some concern about the recoil but I was assured it wouldn’t be a problem. I was using the Lead Sled for added protection against any kick. With earplugs and the electronic ear muffs I was protected but still able to communicate.

As I laid my hands on the gun and felt its coolness, I positioned myself in line with the target. As I glared through the scope I yelled out ‘safety off’, switched the safety to off and began to move my finger on the trigger. As I then yelled ‘fire in the hole’ I followed with a smooth squeeze of the trigger and instantly my face lit up with pure adrenaline and joy! As I watched the target deform from the intense magnitude I was ecstatic. I had just shot a .50 cal and I was stoked!

I didn’t feel any recoil and of course the noise was muffled but my heart was screaming out with excitement! I also was able to experience the concussion while standing behind someone else at a safe distance and angle shooting the gun. What a knock in the chest as the pressure made me jump and pushed me back slightly!

It was an overwhelmingly great experience to have this opportunity to shoot such a beloved and beautiful gun. I have nothing but respect and love for a .50 cal and my respect increased greatly after this experience. I was able to check shooting this gun off my bucket list, but a double, triple check wouldn’t be bad either. 🙂

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