Happy Huntress

I enjoy taking other people on hunting and fishing trips almost as much as I like to go by myself. I especially like taking people that are new to both sports. Seeing the excitement on their faces and being there to take photos of the new hunters harvest is awesome! It makes me almost feel like I was the one who harvested the animal. It’s fun for me to be able to expose others to the wonderful outdoor world of hunting and fishing!

I recently was invited by a good friend to go help cull deer on his friends ranch in South Texas. The invite was open for me to bring a friend as well. I decided to invite my very active friend Jamie. She grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and was a natural around animals and being outside in natures elements. Jamie also had experience using firearms and felt comfortable around guns. Can’t think of a better girl to turn into a huntress!

Jamie was reluctant to want to hunt at first because it was something she was not familiar with. But after talking to all the other hunters and spending some time asking me questions, it didn’t take much to change her mind. She ended up hunting with the owner of the ranch her first few hunts while I was off in a tripod with my bow. It was her second hunt that she harvested her first white tail deer! She shot it with a 257 Weatherby. She made a perfect heart shot and the deer dropped, no need to track it. It was a great eight point cull deer, just the type the owner wanted out. When I came back to camp and saw her with her deer I was so pumped! She was a natural! She told me the story about all the other animals they saw and about her harvesting the buck. Then we had a photo shoot with her and her first deer. You know how girls are, got to get that right angle, ha ha!

The ranch had both white tail deer and several exotics from all over on it. Driving around the ranch felt like we were in Africa not South Texas. We went on a little photo safari trying to take pictures of all the animals. I got some amazing footage of some Black Buck Antelopes fighting and a family of Sables resting in the bushes. It was a great weekend hunting expedition on a beautiful ranch with some of my best friends. Jamie’s new found interest in hunting made got me excited. I even got Jamie to shoot my bow a few times. She is almost my height so the draw length wasn’t all that off for her. Jamie left wanting to buy a bow and a gun. I was one happy huntress with a new hunting buddy!

Being able to expose others, especially women and children to hunting and fishing is a great feeling. Especially when they like it and decide to peruse it on their own. Sharing my love for the outdoors and knowing that it may spark an interest in someone else to do the same is very fulfilling to me. That is why I got involved with things like Texas Womens Anglers Tournament and Queens of Camo. Having a place where women can share their hunting and fishing knowledge with each other is great! Go lady Hunters! Hope you ladies get hooked!

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4 comments on “Happy Huntress

  1. jody geistweidt

    Awesome story Nena! You’re right, there’s nothing like the feeling of watching others get soooo excited! That’s especially true for me with my son Holt, too exciting!

    • Nena

      I bet it is a blast taking your son in the feild with you! Seeing kids light up and get excited about learning things and being outdoors is awesome!

  2. Sharing your passion with someone else is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. By having such a deep joy in hunting and fishing and by showing how excited you get, it often spurs and inspires others to take part.
    This is the true tradition of the hunter (or huntress), passing on your experience and knowledge to another so that they too can share it with someone else.
    There is no greater joy im sure!
    Keep up the excellent work

  3. Nena

    I try and spread the love for the outdoors every chance I get! Thank you for your commentary Tyler! I think a big part of being an outdoorsman is sharing your knowledge and admiration of the sport with others! We are on the same page 🙂

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