A Fun Find

We have all been shed hunting and found nice sets of sheds, individual sheds, and other random items – it’s always an adventure. I wrote an earlier blog about the fun involved with the whole family in ‘Dropping Antlers’ and it still rings true. Any outdoor activity, especially shed hunting, should be shared with loved ones.

On a trip earlier this year to Deep South Texas my husband, a great friend of ours and myself were out enjoying the land (even though it was over 100 degrees) and decided to spread out and look for some sheds around some high traffic deer areas. The funny part was ‘nature was calling’ for me and so I made my way in a different direction to ‘twinkle’. As I was finishing up I looked around and found a shed! We had made the shed hunting process a simple contest between us to see who could find the most and I knew I was ahead of the game already.

I wandered around looking through the cactus and prickly South Texas Brush and found a few more older sheds that the critters had already had their way with. After about 45 minutes we were finishing up when I made a quick run down the road that nobody had gone to. Just off the road under some cactus I found an entire hog skull!! His mouth was stuck wide open, all of his teeth including some monster cutters were still intact and none of it had been chewed on! I knew I would totally win our little contest even though it wasn’t exactly a shed, it was still a winning find. I kept the skull and its currently in the back yard so the bugs can finish getting the rest of the carnage off and I can start the bleaching process!

So get outdoors and just start wandering around with your friends and family! You might just be surprised by what you find and you will always make memories in the process!

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2 comments on “A Fun Find

  1. Tom Payton

    Love finding that stuff in the woods and wonder what caused their fate!

  2. Candace

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing, did someone kill it and never recover it or was that big ol hog in a nasty fight and lost or did he just die of natural causes or heat down in that desert of south texas haha!

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