A Hot Hog Hunt

On a recent trip to Deep South Texas for a hog hunt the forecast was for extreme heat. As we drove to the ranch, the temperature in the truck read 107 degrees and with the high humidity it was going to be a rough hunt. After arrival and blind set-up I spent only 1 hunt in my ground blind; the heat was unbearable and sitting in the equivalent of a tent was not necessary. The hogs weren’t coming out until after dark to feed because of the heat so a new approach was to be made. As I have mentioned before hogs cannot sweat so they must find water or mud to waller in to keep cool and survive, which meant that’s exactly where I was headed.

As my husband and I drove from one stock tank to another in the middle of the day, we would wait for a potential hog to make his way out for a drink. I absolutely love hunting hogs with my bow but with these tanks being so large and open; stalking one with the wind swirling was going to be a challenge; so instead for this hunt I was using my AR-15 with .223 ammo. As we approached of the bigger water sources about 1pm, I saw a large black boar leaving the water, headed up the hill back into the brush. I was about 150 yards away and wanted to get a closer shot, so we jumped out and the race was on! I saw where the hog went into the brush and knew we had to get downwind of him. I was already sweating profusely in this heat with snake boots and jeans on. Although the heat was nearly unbearable, shorts would not be an ideal clothing choice in the thick thorns and cactus of South Texas; and of course with the rattlesnakes on the move! We stalked parallel to his path until I saw his black body under a Mesquite tree.

As I stopped to listen, I heard him panting and growling; the heat was definitely affecting him and he was not in the mood to run; this was the perfect opportunity to get close for a great shot. As I stalked to about 30 yards I saw him start walking and predicted his path ahead. I was standing free shooting and set my crosshairs just on the other side of some cactus he was going to pass; as soon as he did I pulled the trigger and hit him low right behind the shoulder. He had been hit and started to quickly leave to get under some trees and cactus. Even after the shot he didn’t want to run. We made our way through the thick brush to trail him.

About 10 yards where I had shot he had rammed himself under some cactus and trees; his adrenaline was pumping through his body and he began spinning, grunting and growling so I positioned myself for a follow-up shot to eliminate charging and ensure a quick expiration. As he spun I aimed right behind his neck and fired. The angle of the shot from above pierced through and exited his chest, dropping the big hog to the ground. I was ecstatic and nearly dying from the heat. Sweat was pouring off my head and body but I was pumped. I knew he was going to weigh out as my biggest hog yet.

My husband and I struggled to get the large hog loaded up and back to camp, taking breaks to hydrate in this midday heat, but we managed. As we hung him up to weigh him, he tipped the scale at 221 lbs!!! He was my biggest hog I have killed so far!! As I stood in my moment of pride, attempting to cool off, I noticed not only were my jeans and shirt soaked in sweat, but so was my leather belt! You know it’s hot when you can wring out sweat from your belt, but the heat and sweat was completely worth it to take down this big ol hog!

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2 comments on “A Hot Hog Hunt

  1. Tom Payton

    Wow that’s hot! What a great hunt! Congrats !!

  2. Please on the next hunt put your boot on the animal in a triumphal position as pictured above with the hog

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