A HUGE thank you to HUGELLAND

There are so many reasons why I enjoy the outdoors. They range from bird watching, to taking photos of wildlife, hiking, hunting and fishing. I like to express my passion for outdoors in my art work, my home décor, my clothing, and even in cooking for my friends and family. Outside beats sitting indoors any day, even cold ones! I will take a campfire over a fireplace any cold winter night because there is nothing like staring at the crackling velvet embers dancing around like fireflies while you and your hunting buddy share a story or two. There is something about being back at camp that makes everyone feel like family. Some of the most intriguing to comical conversations I have ever had have been sitting around the campfire with fellow outdoorsmen, from life mottos and jokes, to sharing stories of the one that got away. Campfire conversation is a part of hunting that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a few fun filled days and nights at Hugelland ranch in Llano, Texas with Zane the land owner, his guides, their family, and my new hunting besties (my two fellow Queens). I was very impressed with the land; imagine south Texas brush country meets the rolling Texas hill country. I noticed right away all the trees, cactus and red dirt. There were friendly cows, two ornery donkeys (one to be leery of), and a little bobcat looking kitten that I almost took home with me.

When I arrived I was welcomed by Zane, a smiling very energetic man. I put on my snake boots and Zane and I were off on a hike. Snakes boots are a rule on the Hugelland ranch, the rattle snakes do not always warn you. Zane had some blinds to show me and wanted to get me accustomed and familiar with the ranch. We ended up at a brushed ground blind and on the way I noticed pig, deer, and coyote tracks, and even had a coach whip snake slither across our path. We sat in the blind discussing where the game trails were and what direction the pigs came in. Then we sat in silence for a few minutes. I stared out at the brush and just listened and managed to contain my excitement. I was super excited to be there and that’s when I heard it…a familiar song…or more like a call. Then it was answered by more similar sounding birds! Quail! Yes, it was bobwhite quail! Sure enough not too long after we heard them they scurried out in front of the blind with their little necks stretched out running in a line together. Awesome! Where there are quail there are cats and Zane confirmed he has both bobcats and the occasional mountain lion. Wow! This place just kept getting better and better! And it did!

I have hunted pigs for years in south Texas and have never seen so many different colored ones. He had several black and white ones that made me super excited including some polka spotted Dalmatian looking piglets! I fell in love with Hugelland ranch to say the least. It had just enough south Texas to keep a familiar feel with trees and hills to keep me climbing and on my toes.

Having someone welcome you and share their land is something that is very special to experience. Zane and his family no doubt put their whole heart into this land. I love seeing people so proud and excited and willing to share their home, yes his home. Zane was very at home in the brush and climbing the trees and he made me feel at home and I hope someday to take him and his family fishing or duck hunting in South Texas! A big part of hunting is sharing the outdoors with other hunters. Thank you Zane it was a blast!

Nena, Queens of Camo

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