A Husband’s Perspective – Gene Explains Being Married to a Queen of Camo

My wife has been hunting since she could sludge thru the central PA snow where she grew up. We have always enjoyed hunting together and a couple years back decided to start filming our hunts. As you know it’s not the easiest thing to do especially while bow hunting! Add in our green factor and the pendulum swings very heavily to the animals side.

We worked and worked in the woods hunting almost every weekend and I’m fortunate enough to work within miles of our lease so I REALLY put the hours in the stand. Our efforts produced some good film and we had a blast doing it.

Fast forward to Christmas morning 2014…we had just opened gifts and my son and I were in the bedroom playing COD while Ashley was getting some coffee. I hear a loud “HOLY BUCK” (we have 15 acres on lake Tawakoni where we see lots of 115-130″ deer) I tell her to hold up while I get the binoculars as she is posted on the front porch, safety off locked and loaded. Now if just so happens her .223 was on the couch with the new rail system I had just put on for Christmas.

I look out and no need for the binos as the biggest buck I have seen at my place is 153 yards away quartering in nosing a doe (the absolute worst angle for a 55 grain .223). I grunt, she shoots, deer kicks and we all know it’s a good shot!

We wait for what seems like an hour (5 minutes real time) and the hunt is on to find this BRUTE! 4 hours later and just a small amount of blood the emotions are not running as they were earlier when the trigger was squeezed.

I told her I know of a good hog trail that he might of gone down, but it’s uphill and away from water so my hopes aren’t high. About 1800 yards and 2 neighbors away I yell “BABE” and there he was; the buck of a lifetime shot from the front porch Christmas morning in red pj’s!

Oh the irony…

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