A New and Festering Archery Addiction

What happens when you realize your main hobby turned into your job and you find yourself staring at a screen during all your free time? You realize that you need to get out of your worn down faux leather computer chair, tie up your boots, and get outside. This is precisely what was going through my head, in combination with a desire for a new challenge.

Now, let’s time travel back to a Christmas when I was routinely asked, “What do you want?” and this particular time I answered, “A Bow”, instead of the usual gift cards and random housewares. With surprised stares coming back at me, I explained that I liked target shooting in high school and figured it would give me a few minutes of reprieve during the work day to clear my head. Low and behold, my brother-in-law puts a rudimentary compound bow and arrows under my tree. It didn’t take long before I realized a desire for legit gear; archery and hunting was setting in.

Having no real prior archery experience, I set out to get hooked up with a substantial entry-level compound bow to hone my target skills and break into bowhunting. Ironically, I spent hours on my computer amidst talking with seasoned friends, gathering all the info on where to start. After not really being taken seriously at a few shops, I ended up at Strictly Archery in Washington, N.J., where I was given the rundown on the fundamentals. As with most investments, it’s always a good idea to shop around and in this case not only did I come across a great shop and products, but also a store owner who was sincerely interested in teaching as much as selling.

After getting fitted, I mulled over the decision in my head for days to purchase. I was glad to have been steered in the direction to buy a bow that was fun to target shoot with and just as capable for a beginner hunter. I ended up leaving my last visit to the shop with a PSE Chaos and a lot more knowledge and technique. I’m looking forward to continuously shooting during my “lunch breaks” (I work from a home office), getting schooled by my mentors and setup for PA deer archery season this fall!

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6 comments on “A New and Festering Archery Addiction

  1. Jenn

    Awesome piece! I will swear in front of a court of law that the PSE Chaos is made of some addictive material. At least that’s why I’m assuming I hate to put it down.

    Ray and Tom at Strictly Archery are friends of my husband’s family and he and his father spend some time in the shop when they go to NJ deer hunting in the fall. It’s nice to see a familiar name! They’re good people there.

    • Hey Jenn,
      Thanks for the comment, I love Strictly Archery! Ray and Tom were fantastic! Can’t wait to go back in a few weeks and get set up with some new arrows and broadheads!

  2. scott

    I thought you were still in high school, Bow shooting and hunting with a bow is great fun. I enjoy bow hunting for deer and I am sure you will find it satisfying. Practice is key. I look forward to more of your experinces as one of the Queens.

  3. Welcome to the world of archery. I started pretty much the same way you did a few years ago. My hubby wanted to shoot trap, I said “No, but I liked archery target shooting in high school.” So next thing I knew, I had my MIL’s old recurve. A few weeks later we went to a local pro-shop to check out the techno hunt and I left with a used Hoyt Kobalt that I still shoot with today. I love shooting my bow. Only 115 more days to archery season in Northwest PA!

    Good luck!

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