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When I received this bag, I was a little in awe. I had never seen a duffel bag that came with a wall charger and a car charger. I thought it kind of resembled a computer with the Stealth In Pursuit (SIP) box attached. Needless to say, when I saw the plug in, I was a little unsure. On the other hand, it did have my initials right on the front in my favorite color, pink! I also was surprised by how much storage it offered. I was starting to think this bag might turn out to be special.

After opening the package, and removing the bag. I gathered up my hunting supplies. I wanted to test it out before loading it down, so I just gathered a few random items. This included my camo pants, deer grunt, my release for my bow, and my favorite camo hat. I set the items in the bag and found the instructions. Surprising, it was amazingly easy to use the bag. You just put all of your gear in it, zip it up, and plug it in. It does the rest! That’s all there was to it. This bag gets 5 stars for ease of use.

It was now plugged in and running. While it was working, I decided to inspect the bag. I had expected a loud noise to be produced while it was running, however it was a nice surprise to only hear a low hum. It was easy to tell that this bag is not cheaply made. It is made from a very durable nylon material. It is a larger bag, measuring 24″x12″x12″. It has 4 separate compartments. One of these contains the Stealth In Pursuit ozone technology. This box doesn’t take up the whole compartment, but I wouldn’t recommend putting anything in there with it. The center compartment is very large. I later discovered that I was able to fit pants, shirt, hat, jacket, flashlight, calls, and everything else I need to hunt with in there, and still had lots of room to spare. The hand and shoulder straps make it convenient to transport even when full of heavy gear. The bag is also very stylish. I would be proud to carry it anywhere.

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 8.06.31 AM Stealth In Pursuit ozone technology is a new twist on an older idea. When turned on, this ozonator pumps activated oxygen through a ceramic diffuser into the main compartment of the bag. It was actually very quiet. The activated oxygen is unstable so it bonds to and kills all of the bacteria on your gear, including the ones that cause odor. Its’ opponents claim to blanket you in a cloud of ozone, thereby rendering you invisible to wildlife. However, because ozone is heavier than air, the ozone simply falls to the ground without offering you any scent protection. With this method, ozone is directly applied to your equipment in a sealed compartment and treats the contents completely. This entire process takes less than 15 minutes, so it is very time efficient.

I waited the full 15 minutes. I unplugged the bag and opened it up. To my surprise, there wasn’t any smell at all that I smelled previously. My pants have been setting since Turkey season ended. My release I use on a daily basis, so it had lots of smells radiating from it. My hat and grunt were completely free of the scents they formerly had. I did notice a light scent that was unfamiliar to me. After reading the instructions to the bag, I realized the scent was ozone. It confirms that ozone is completely natural and will not alarm wildlife. I went from uncertain and curious to a believer in a matter of 15 minutes. This product certainly holds true to what it says it does. It performs and performs well.

As a hunter, I know how important scent elimination is. It is adamant that your scent be invisible while hunting. Whitetail deer have one of the best senses of smell in nature. Whether you’re taking hunting clothes to your vehicle or stand, you need to minimize scent contamination to be effective in the field. This bag offers that very thing. Its duffel bag style leaves both your hands free and its durable construction keeps foreign odors out. Its zippered pockets provide trustworthy storage for essential items. It also comes with a DC power inverter so that you can eliminate your scents on the go. Whether you’re in the car, truck, boat or wherever hunting takes you, you will be able to stay scent free.

It is easy to use, performs well, and is worth the money. It comes available in Forest Green, Black or Digital Camouflage. Not only do you get to choose the color, but if you are looking for personalization, this bag can be monogrammed. It is rugged, durable and practical. Its design will allow it to withstand many years of use even in the harshest conditions. Another contributing factor that I like is that each bag is assembled, by hand, with the utmost precision and care, right here in the United States of America. This bag is an absolute must have for every hunter.

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