Amber’s Corner – Private Land & Hunting

Private land is often overlooked as a privilege and a valuable asset to many that are involved in hunting or just getting started in this wonderful sport. With prices of land increasing and leases becoming more expensive and harder to find, it is forcing many who love the sport to reach out and seek the only other places to hunt, such as public land.

Over the past few years waterfowl hunting has become increasingly popular, especially in the younger, upcoming generations. Favorite duck holes are being over crowded with hunters and making it harder for hunters to fill their limits as the ducks become smarter to hunting situations. Hunters get to their favorite spots at wee hours in the morning in hopes that no other hunter has set up in their predetermined spot. Some hunting situations can become very stressful when you come in contact with hunters that do not see eye to eye and follow simple rules of public land hunting.

Respect and ethics play a huge part when hunting in a place where large groups may be hunting. Not only because it increases odds of doing our part in conservation, but because it makes it safer for every hunter who may be out there. It is always best to be familiar with your surroundings and most of all be very attentive to people who may be hunting around you. Be sure you are not shooting in a direction that another group may be hunting and always confront people respectfully. Hunting is a sport and does get competitive but always remember that hunting is the best time to make memories and have a great time.

Public land hunting has many pros and cons, but it takes hunting to a whole new level when you are able to harvest animals in these situations ethically. Tracking three miles in National Forest, and climbing twenty-five foot up a tree makes killing a buck more meaningful and rewarding knowing that you just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. It makes getting to your favorite duck hole at three that morning so you can beat the crowd totally worth it when you are able to carry out a full strap of ducks.

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