Amber’s Corner – When It Comes to Waterfowl Hunting it’s Quantity Over Quality

Waterfowling is a magnificent sport that takes a lot of devoted time and dedication. Every hunt is different and either yields good or bad results. But each time you take the things you did wrong and change them in hopes that the next time will bring better luck. Birds are very intelligent, so staying a step ahead of them is always key to better luck.

​Late season is always more challenging to fill your limits because most of the birds have been shot at, called at, and they know what decoy spreads look like verses what the birds are actually doing. They start flying in smaller groups and fly really high. Sometimes doing excessive calling causes them to flare and harder to bring in. One wrong move could make the difference between killing a few or none at all.

​Usually when we hunt late season we already know that we most likely will not come back with a lot of birds. But its really not about the numbers that we kill or the harsh weather conditions that we endure. It’s about the memories you make with your hunting buddies. It’s about the good laughs and the crazy things that happen; like when your friend decides to shoot BB load and falls out of the boat after his first shot.

​You cannot put a price on the memories that are to be made or shared with your favorite hunting partners. We face many challenges and come out empty handed more than we would like to, but that is why it is called hunting not killing. Quality time cannot be bought or replaced. So remember, be safe, laugh hard, have fun, and most of all make every possible moment as memorable as you can!

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