An Addiction to Hunting…

Hi my name is Melissa and I have a problem I’m addicted to hunting and have been for a very long time but I don’t have a typical story of growing up with a family that hunt in fact its quite a different story I’m a daughter of a single mother that has never hunted a day in her life. I discovered the passion of hunting when I stumbled across a TV show of a guy by the name of Ted Nugent and completely fell in love and at that moment decided I had to try it so I did and haven’t stopped ever since. My main passion is waterfowl hunting, there is nothing better then laying in a field with a flock of geese coming in for the land. However I have done all kinds of hunting from small game to deer. I have raised beagles and squirrel dogs for competitions field hunts.
A year and a half ago I become a mother and from that moment my life has changed. Having a baby has kept me out of the woods more then hoped but now that my son is getting older I find myself finally getting back to my passion and the best part is soon I get to share my passion with him. I can’t wait to teach him all of the things that I have learned and pass on my love for the great outdoors. I have only hunted in Michigan and would love to get out and see what other states have to offer. There is a big world out there with lots to discover and I cant wait to go and discover it..

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