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Archery Targets: Hit and Miss
Archery products are constantly improving and advancing thanks to the speed and arrow penetration that today’s bows produce. The outdoor market provides numerous archery targets to accommodate longbow, crossbow, and compound bow needs. Shopping for an archery target can be time consuming due to the variety of 3D, block, and bag style targets available on the market. When shopping for an archery target I look at multiple factors; the ideal target for me is one that is reasonably priced, has easy arrow removal, and is durable. After several years of target practice, I have put together a review of three target styles I have shot.
The RedHead Foam Archery Target
The RedHead Foam Archery Target is a great target for beginning hunters on a budget. Available in two sizes, the 18”x16”x11” target retails for $49.99 and the 22”x20”x11” target retails for $69.99. When shopping at a local Bass Pro I purchased the smaller version. At 10.5 pounds the small target can easily be set up in the back yard or on an archery range for practice. The four shooting sides are made with several layers of high density foam, making arrow removal easy. The foam layers can handle both field points and broadheads. After shooting with my friends and family for a year the foam layers are still in decent shape. There were no gaping holes in the foam and not a single arrow passed completely through the target. When shooting in my backyard, I have noticed the target would turn slightly on impact, causing frustration. By placing a weight on the top of the target, I no longer had to run and straighten the target before taking another shot. In my opinion the RedHead Foam Archery Target gets 4 out of 5 stars for its durability and price.
The Crush Tiffany Bag Target
The Crush Tiffany Bag Target was the first target I purchased when I began bowhunting. Created with the female shooter in mind, the target has an E-Z Tote handle and weighs 24 pounds. Like most female products the Crush target is bright pink, and retails for $65. A portion of the proceeds from the pink Crush targets are donated to breast cancer research. Shooting options are limited with a bag target; there are only two shooting sides and field point can only be used. Removing arrows from the target was difficult. The nylon cover ripped or caught on the field point as each arrow was removed. After a couple months of target practice several large holes formed in the nylon. Replacement covers can be purchased to recover the target when rips occur. In my opinion the Crush Tiffany Bag Target gets 2 out of 5 stars for its poor quality.
The Field Logic Glen Del Buck 3D Deer Target
The Field Logic Glen Del Buck 3D Deer Target gives a realistic shooting experience with a 36” shoulder height. As a beginner the 3d target can assist hunters with placement for real hunting encounters. A great feature of the 3D target is the four sided insert. By rotating the insert the life of the target extends. Versatility makes the Glen Del Buck a great purchase as it can be shot with field points, broadheads, and mechanicals. Although the target is advertised for easy removal, I found it difficult depending on shot placement. Setting up the target was frustrating as the legs and horns would fall off when carried. Setting the target up did take longer than a block or bag, and it began to fall apart after being left outside multiple times. The 3D target retails for $199 and replacement inserts are $69.99. In my opinion the Field Logic Glen Del Buck 3D Deer Target gets 3.5 out of 5 stars for its realistic appeal.
After shooting multiple targets I have found some are hits and some are misses. With the variety of archery targets on the market, it is important to find what factors are most important to the shooter. Research and read reviews before making a purchase to save time and money.

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