Ashley’s Corner – Huntin’ with my Boys

Start of 2016

Started off 2016 with my hunting partners #Myboys

As a mother who’s hobby turned into a passion, it has also brought me and my boys a lot closer! Not only is it my passion now but it is there’s as well!

Being “that” mom who helps teach my children about the rules, regulations, and the ethical way to go about hunting, believe it or not is shocking to a lot of people. Most people think it’s the “mans” (fathers) job to do it. But nope not my family. I teach and do just as much with my boys as my husband does. Shocking! NO WAY!

I, as a Female Hunter, wanted to be just as much involved with my children hunting as my husband is. And so for this not only have I learned a lot more but I believe my children have learned a lot from me as well! It’s a humbling chance to bond with your children in the outdoors and I look forward to the many years to come! Hunting is our life! And I can only hope other momma hunters out there who feel and do the same thing I do with my boys!

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