ATV Safety

This is my version of common sense pertaining to All Terrain Vehicle use on the ranch. We all know that we should be using helmets while using these vehicles but lets be honest a lot of people do not. When hunting and using ATV for ranch work people don’t always wear them. I would suggest being extra careful and aware of where you are going at all times but even more so when not wearing a helmet. I am not advocating not using helmets but I myself do not always use them. I also drive like a granny! These are some things I keep in mind and in check when it comes to my ATV.

In my opinion you should always keep the speed at a minimum especially if you are not wearing a helmet. When using them to get around the ranch they are transportation not entertainment. Mine is a working machine that I use to help carry my gear and my harvested animals. Some common ATV rules I follow are not overloading the weight weather that be with an extra person, an animal, corn, etc. I always make sure I have plenty of gas. One long walk back to camp because you ran out of gas only happens once, well at least or me anyways. Check the battery connections, and tires and you should be good to go off road on your ATV! I am not a professional ATV rider and these are merely suggestions and opinions. Happy hunting and safe riding my friends!

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