Aware and Armed

Always be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and never let your guard down…..these are a few words of wisdom told by my father in his self defense classes. I grew up a full participant in karate and self defense classes on up into my adulthood. Helping train and teach other people skills to defend themselves was a very rewarding but sometimes challenging task. I especially liked helping my farther with his students in his Woman Self Defense Classes and Children Karate classes. I am extremely lucky to have been exposed to Martial Arts at such an early age. The dedication, concentration and discipline I have learned in Karate has aided and spilled over positively to help me in other aspects of my life.
My self defense training and involvement with firearms at an early age no doubt lead me to the path of concealed gun carry. My Dad got me super excited about getting my concealed hand gun license and as soon as I turned twenty one I signed up for the class. A local gun dealer with a range held the classes. It was all day long and it taught you about laws and hypothetical situations. I would advise people to practice and become familiar with their gun before taking the class. You want to feel comfortable when you take the shooting part of the test. The class is required by the state to take and pass if you wish to carry a concealed firearm. I passed the test and qualified shooting and couldn’t wait to get my license in the mail. I have now had to take one renewal class since then. To my surprise there where quit a few women in the class. It was nice to see so many women taking charge and being proactive about their safety.
Having your concealed handgun license has several benefits. There have been several situations where I have felt at ease and safer because I am carrying a gun. I travel a lot for work and when I ‘m on the road and in hotels alone, I have a sense of security being armed. In Texas it is also beneficial for hunters to have your CHL. I carry had guns for my protection when I am hunting alone. Especially if I have a lot of hiking and on foot travel by myself. You never know what you might encounter, mountain lion, snakes, hogs, coyotes…..or even an angry wounded animal that might attack. I feel better tracking in the field carrying a gun. Archery season in Texas starts early fall when the weather is still hot and the rattlers are moving. You can not carry a gun when you are bow hunting in Texas unless you have your CHL. It is unlawful to be in possession of a firearm while hunting with a broadhead HUNTING point during the Archery-Only season, except a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Texas may carry a concealed handgun. You can check out more about Texas hunting laws on Texas Parks and Wildlife website. The site is
Thankfully I have never had to use my gun while carrying it concealed! But if events ever happened to warrant it needed, I would be well prepare to defend myself and others. If you are interested in getting your Concealed Handgun License check out you states programs. Many other states have similar programs to Texas, laws vary from state to state. The Second Amendment states, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I am thankful to live in this wonderful country that allows us to bare arms!

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2 comments on “Aware and Armed

  1. “Always be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and never let your guard down” – Your father’s words, Nena, were very sound, as your blog amply demonstrates. Regrettably, here in the UK, handguns were banned by the previous (New Labour = socialist) government and even our Olympic Shooting Team had to train in Switzerland because of the draconian rules! However, when hunting around the globe, local laws apply, and being armed and aware can determine whether you get back alive or not. As you say, the law varies from state to state in the USA as well as from country to country, but I do hope you can resist Obama’s attempts to undermine your Second Amendment – these things have a knock-on effect everywhere else. Your freedoms are our freedoms as well – so please do everything you can to stop that man from taking them away.

    Oh, and please keep Piers Morgan! 😀

    • Nena

      Can’t imagine living somewhere that wouldn’t allow one to shoot guns for recreation and hunting! Thank you for the support Alwyn! Live free or die……that’s the American in me speaking! 🙂 Nena

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