Bass Baby Bass!

Growing up near the Texas Gulf coast & then living nearly right on it for the last 11 years, saltwater fishing was a staple for me. “Lets go fishing” was a nearly every weekend phrase that would result in hours on the water catching fish, taking in the sun, and spending time with great friends & family. What more could you ask for?!

Freshwater fishing wasn’t uncommon but it definitely wasn’t trips I made as often. My husband however, grew up ‘Texas Land locked’ so freshwater was the norm & bass fishing was his baby! I had done a lot of cat-fishing when I was younger but bass wasn’t always our target fish with saltwater so close by.

His passion has definitely entered my heart and made a home. A few of the places we hunt have stock tanks and ponds on them that are full of bass and other fish. It’s always a nice break to chill out during the day of a hunt and cast a line into the calm water.

It took me a while to get excited about bass fishing because I always fished with spinning reels. It’s possible to use them when bass fishing but it’s much easier & more effective, in my opinion, to use bait casters. So getting used to the bait caster reels was a little challenging but with some patience and a lot of practice I am doing much better!

The bass bug has got me for sure. From top water to spinners to buzz baits to worms and lizards I love them all! Recently I developed a new love for top water lures though. The water we were fishing that day was very clear and as my top water got close to the bank I could see the bass headed straight for it! In a quick second he attacked the bait, came out of the water & it was fish on. He was only a 3.5 pounder but he still put up a great fight.

The ‘hunt’ for bass is another fun adventure. It’s always a great process to try all the baits to see what they are hitting that day, look for those hidden spots under the trees and stumps, and get the finesse of the worm on the bottom just right. Cast after cast you eliminate the dead zones and hopefully hit the honey hole!

My first love will always be saltwater fishing, but freshwater has creeped into my heart a little at a time and for that I am thankful!

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One comment on “Bass Baby Bass!

  1. Tom Payton

    We have a bunch of ponds harping me here. When I was a youngster ( lol ) I bad fished a lot. Like you though, saltwater is my fav. It’s about the hunt. There is a satisfaction in finding the structure and bringing home dinner. I get such satisfaction catchin, cooking, and seeing the family enjoy the bounty.

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