Beak Busters Duck Call – Product Review

I got the privilege to try out a handmade duck call from one of the Queens of Camo’s sponsors, “Beak Busters”. I’ve had some experience with waterfowl calling, and I must say, this has to be one of the easiest calls I’ve ever worked with! I was completely impressed with what Beak Busters had made, and would highly recommend you try out on of their calls.


Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 9.02.53 AM When it comes to waterfowl hunting, calling can play a major role in your success on the hunt. One of the harder things to do is find a call that works wonders. The call had such a realistic sound to it, which is not an easy thing to find. It worked out well with quacking, whistling, pleading, greeting, and feeding calls.


I recently got into calling, and when it came to testing out the product, one thing stood out to me the most. How virtually EASY it was to use. I would recommend this to nearly anyone. Calling was definitely discouraging to me when I first started. I had tried and given up many times. I wish I had a call as smooth as the duck call I tested for Beak Busters when I started out. If you or someone you know has been trying to get into working with a duck call, I suggest you give this one a try. Some say it can be harder for women to get the feel of a good duck call, and it may get a little discouraging for a woman. However, hunter or huntress, I would wholly recommend trying this product out as a beginner.


Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 9.03.05 AM When I got word I was receiving a call from Beak Busters, I did some research on the company almost immediately. They have a variety of different duck calls and are working on getting in goose calls as well. The call I received was rather eye-catching. The wood they use really gives it a distinctive, earthy look. This duck call is small enough to be of easy use, but bulky enough to “make a statement”. Sure, all you really care about is getting a call that works great, but are you going to complain if you look good using that excellent working call?


All in all, the particular product that I tested out was a wooden duck call that priced at $25.00. Duck calls can get ridiculously pricey. The duck call I received was TOTALLY worth that money, I would even say it would be a steal. I was honestly shocked at how low their prices are for the quality of this call. And that’s the best part about it– you’re getting your money’s worth.


Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 9.03.19 AM Beak Busters had several other calls, wooden and acrylic, ranging from $25 to $45. I definitely look forward to purchasing some of their other products because I was so impressed with the product that I had the opportunity to test. I’m happy with this product and I know you will be too! Not to mention, I showed my hunting partners this product and they asked where they could get themselves one.


Take a look at Beak Busters on Facebook. They have all of their information, along with pictures and prices posted. Check them out and tell them Queen’s of Camo sent you!


Follow the link below to the official Beak Busters Facebook page:



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One comment on “Beak Busters Duck Call – Product Review

  1. Craig Lafleur

    Old school wood calls can often out perform and make different deeper sounds than an acrylic will ever make. Great review!

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