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Although Queens of Camo evokes a thought of only hunting because of the ‘CAMO’ in the name, we are not just women who hunt; we are women who fish, prepare our harvests, and enjoy the outdoors in every way possible. Inspiring women to find their passion for hunting does not always start with, well, hunting. More times than not it begins with just being outdoors, soaking up every ounce of nature and exploring, learning, and enjoying it all.

So many times when I am on a hunting trip, a different opportunity presents itself to me to learn or try something new; something that might just spark an interest in something else and something that expands my knowledge of the outdoors just a little bit more. I try to take advantage of every moment and every opportunity that is available and as the old saying goes, Live Life to the Fullest.

On a recent hog hunting trip during the middle of the day, I was hanging out with the ranch owners when they mentioned they needed to go tend to the beehives. Beehives? I had seen a sign warning of them in the garden area but hadn’t ever given it much thought. As I helped them load up the ‘nectar’ to take to the hives, I watched as they put on the white netted suits and gloves and my heart was racing. There were only 2 suits so I was going to have to watch from afar.

As I sat in the distance watching as they ‘smoked’ the bees and poured in the nectar for them, I couldn’t help but want to try it. My husband thought I was crazy but I wasn’t going to let something like this pass me by. I watched as the bees swarmed around them and they used the smoker to keep them away and calm them down. As they maneuvered carefully from each box, using team work to accomplish a potentially dangerous task, they completed the process and made their way back to me.

I knew it was my time to ask if I could put on the suit, grab the smoker, and check out the bees. They happily obliged! I suited up, made sure all the zippers were closed, grabbed the smoker, gave a ‘thumbs up’ for a picture and made my way to the bee boxes. I was thrilled as I got closer and moved slowly around the boxes squeezing the smoker. Here I was up close and personal with a lot of bees; as I moved around I developed a respect for them in my heart and mind for such an amazing insect that produces a great tasty treat! I made it back to the safe zone with a little bit of relief and was so happy I didn’t pass up the opportunity.

After my trip was over, my mind was reeling with bee and honey questions. I started talking with people and learned that the color and flavor differs depending on what kind of flowers are nearby and I am still searching and learning about all things bee related! Who knows maybe I’ll start my own bee harvesting adventures in the future? So get out there and seize any opportunity that is presented to you, even if it’s not hunting related and enjoy the outdoors.

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2 comments on “Bee Adventurous

  1. Tom Payton

    Does that make you Queen Bee. ? Haha cool adventure!

  2. Candace

    LOL now that was a good one!! Maybe for the day!

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