Billie’s Hunting Story

My hunting story starts off with me never thinking I would be the girl to have a hunting story.
I was a pageant, cheerleading, city girl. I did not grow up hunting or fishing and never shot a gun until I met my husband. He grew up you eat what you kill and was always hunting and fishing. You can say opposites really attracted in this case.
I was head over heels in love with him and became head over heels in love with hunting.
My husband served in Iraq and when he came home he wanted to be in the woods. I could either go with him or stay at home, alone and I had been doing enough of that. I went and it would be the first and the last time this girl went hunting with someone.
I was interested, I wanted to learn, but when someone takes you on your first hunting trip on a tree the size of a pencil with two people on a seat the size of a paper plate with one of those people having never hunted and the other just returning from overseas, yeah it didn’t go well.
I was told I would never be able to harvest anything by people I knew. I was not that girl they said. I swore I would never go hunting again until I could go on my own and have my own hunting gear. I did just that.
My father in law was very eager to help me learn and show me the hunting ways. I was willing to listen and apply what I had been taught.
I have been hunting now for 5 years. I use a climber, I go by myself, I can bring the game home by myself. I have been so blessed to harvest a few beautiful animals with never going more than 5 miles from my back door.
I love to hunt. Hunting is my time to reflect, talk with God. It has taught me patience and a new love. I love the outdoors and can’t wait till the next season around the corner. I want to learn more and hunt different game. I can not wait to experience the years to come especially seeing myself improve as a lady bowhunter.

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