Boots boots boots!!!

Whether your a women who likes to hunt, fish, or two step your way across a dance floor your gonna need a good pair of boots! My boots are my favorite pair of shoes to wear. That’s probably because I know if I’m wearing them I’m either heading out on a hunt, gone fishing, or going out for a night on the town with my girlfriends. No matter what the occasion is you can always use a good pair of boots.

For instance during the summer months whether I’m fishing for crappie and bass or night fishing for a big flathead I always wear my muck rubber boots. They protect my feet and and legs from tall grass, mud, and anything else I might encounter out in the woods. They keep my feet dry and covered no matter what the summer weather throws my way.

My all time favorite pair of boots though are my Lacrosse winter boots. Not only are they made from 800 gram thinsolate to keep your feet warm, they are waterproof, and they tighten around your leg to keep in the warmth. They are extremely comfortable and I usually wear them with a thick pair of socks. I can spend the entire day stalking in the woods or posted up in a tree stand and my feet never get tired or sore.

Now when it’s time to cowgirl up I put on my favorite Tony Lamas or snake skin boots. Not only do they look cute but they make for a great night out on the town. They slide across the dance floor and are comfortable at the same time. I tell ya there ain’t nothing better than your favorite our of boots.

What are your favorite pair of boots?

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