But Wait, There’s More

Sometimes when I go on a hunting or fishing adventure I get more out of it than expected and this is almost always a good thing. The best part of any outdoor adventure is the unpredictability of it; no hunt or fishing trip will ever be exactly the same. You will rarely see the same animals or hear the same sounds at the same time. There are times you will meet new people who will change your life or you might change theirs or it might just be a small experience that simply makes you smile.
I encountered one of those trips on a recent fishing adventure that made me smile and confirmed why I decided to get up early on a Sunday and go fishing. I was glad I did. Not because we had success catching fish but for a different reason.
As with many of my trips my husband and I were fishing together at our newest favorite sheepshead spot; battling the high winds, the unstable footing on the slippery rocks, and the chill of the morning but enjoying every moment. After about 2 hours we had 6 sheepshead on the stringer when a man and his young son came near us and began fishing.
They were a little timid of the rocks and further off the bank than we were; of course they had on sandals while we were wearing our rain/waterproof boots with rubber bottoms to stand in the water and balance on the rocky bank. The fishing is challenging in this area with extreme currents, rocky banks, and even rockier bottoms to get hung on.
I watched them as they struggled with the hazards of this fishing spot, noticed their fishing line setup and bait choices. They had the right bait for the fish in the area but the set up on the line was not helping them at all. All they needed was a straight set up with about a 1/2 ounce sinker weight, a swivel, and a circle hook. Anything extra would just make it easier to get hung up.
I told my husband we should reach out to them and see if they wanted some pointers to help out. Shortly after I mentioned this we noticed they were packing up to leave so we stopped them. We found out they were from out of town and mostly fished freshwater and were rookies in saltwater; the dad felt bad because his young son really liked fishing and he didn’t feel he was helping him the best he could in these foreign waters.
My husband re-tied the boys line with an easier setup and I told them about fishing for sheepshead, the characteristics of the fish, and that the area they chose was really difficult to fish. We baited his hook the right way for sheepshead fishing and we talked to them about what to feel for on the line, how to navigate the bottom and just chatted for a few minutes.
The boy was excited and cast out into the water trying to put our advice to work. He still got hung up on the rocks a few times and we would help get him unstuck, re-tie his line and try again .This happened a few more times before they decided to move on to another spot. They thanked us for being so helpful and guiding them in the right direction.
Although the young boy didn’t catch a fish where we were fishing, I had a smile on my face knowing we did the right thing and passed on a little knowledge and fun to a younger generation. It was also rewarding in my heart to show strangers that good people still exist and helping out a fellow outdoorsman will always be a priority. We have to keep moving forward, educating and inspiring others with our knowledge or else we risk losing it all together.
There will always be adventures in the outdoors, some better than others, but sometimes there is more. We caught one more sheepshead totaling 7 for the day, but we left with a lot more.

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4 comments on “But Wait, There’s More

  1. scott

    Good job candace,Your a good hearted person. The spring Walley run has started here, many times it is shoulder to shoulder fishing in the Sandusky river.

    • Candace

      Thanks Scott! Just trying to reach out and help the younger generation and other people who are looking for a little help in the outdoors. I can only imagine all those people fishing side by side. But it’s good that they are out enjoying it!

  2. Tom Payton

    Unfortunately people don’t do this enough. There is joy in others success . And or experiences.
    Cool stuff!

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