Camo Conversion

So I have to admit up until this past year I have always used face nets when hunting. As a woman I was always afraid that the camo face paint would make my face break out or would be too hot or end up dripping down my face into a hot mess…Now I cannot live without the camo face paint!! I have several different brands that I alternate between depending on the situation.

This part of hunting definitely appeals to women because…well it’s pretty much like make-up with a hunting purpose! I have never been much into extreme makeup, just enough to look clean and polished but with the camo face paint I seize the moment! Here is makeup I can apply as much as I want, in whatever pattern I feel like that day all over my face! There is not really a right or wrong way, except maybe lighter or darker variations for ground blinds or open stands. My face paint rarely looks the same and that’s the beauty of it – no rules!

I have mentioned before that the process of putting the face paint on, running a finger through the black, green, and tan and streaking it down your face can turn a ‘woman into a warrior’ and this simple process is intoxicating. You can color outside the lines with camo face paint and it can take over! Every woman should experience this and should embrace the fun and freeing act of putting on war paint. I can’t believe I had been missing out on something for so long with face nets! Now the face nets are hot and annoying and I will almost always pick up my camo face paint and let loose!

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2 comments on “Camo Conversion

  1. Tom Payton

    I was a face paint guy for years. Then i learned to shoot with masks . With all the bugs in warm weather then more warmth in cold weather . I like the covers.

  2. Candace

    Agree! Everyone has their preference. I was ok with masks for a while but once I fell in love with face paint that was it. Now I don’t regret it. I feel more free and less restricted with masks. 🙂

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