Can You Find the Time?

Many often wonder can I find the time if I’m a wife, or if I’m a mother, to pursue my outdoor dreams? I’m not going to lie; it’s difficult almost all the time! It can be done, but probably not always as easily as the others that don’t have to worry about a sitter, the Scout meeting, the 4H meeting, the sports events, and the list goes on and on of extracurricular childhood activities. These don’t even begin to touch on the list of home duties for moms and wives! That’s why I write this as a mom and a wife, who’s loved the outdoors since I could walk basically! However, I’m learning by experience, it’s a good thing I love what I do outside, because it’s very challenging.
Do I think you should still try, by all means, YES!!! Am I saying if you’re as involved as most parents, especially moms, it’s going to be easy, NO WAY!!! I am fortunate that my husband, Kevin, does what he can. I still feel guilty if I miss that occasional meeting or play or sports event, no doubt. I have become accustomed to videotaped events lately lol! That still doesn’t equal the time that I swore I would always spend with my kids, the time that my parents did not always spend with me. Does it leave that sense of, “I just lost that special moment in time of his one and only 3rd grade play”? Oh my gosh, YES! That one was one of the hardest just recently!
I do know this: I LOVE everything about being outside and in the outdoors. I love the time I spend in it with my kids and family, and the time I spend alone outside. I think with VERY efficient time management skills, and somebody by means of a support group, grandparents, spouse, whomever, time would be WAY better managed. It’s kind of like all the other extracurricular stuff we as moms LOVE to do, yet hardly ever get to. At some point, you figure out I have to make time, before I’m too old or something happens and I’m no longer able to do it, or this chance of a lifetime slips away. Besides, hunting and shooting sports can be done with the whole family, maybe as one of the other extracurricular activities together. Anyways, if you can, please let me and some of the other moms know your feelings on the difficulties of these sorts of hobbies, and how you manage them with a family! I’d love some insight!

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  1. True story… 🙂 It IS hard as a mom… so you’ve gotta get your kids out there, too… but still.. very hard!

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