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My first impression upon receiving the cartridge calls, was how unique their appearance is! The bullet casing deisgn is not only eye catching, but also extremely functional.
This product is compact, well made and well thought out. They are easy to use and the volume and clarity of sound is bang on.
A handy feature with the 22-250 Predator Hunting Call, is that it fits right in my stock sleeve shell holder for easy access and I always know where it is.
Whether cartridge calls are being used alone, or together with an electronic call, the authentic distress sound works well no matter what method you prefer to do your calling.
Outside of the functionality of the Cartridge Calls, I also like the fact that these are hand-made in the USA.
Beginners and enthusiasts alike will find that these calls are not only comparable but superior to any mouth call on the market.

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2 comments on “Cartridge Call – Product Reviews

  1. Thanks for the solid review.

  2. Sherri

    You’re very welcome Curtis, it was my pleasure!

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