Cassie’s Hunting Story

Hi my name is Cassie. I have only had the privilege of going hunting a few times, but every time I felt a sence of freedom and empowerment. I’ve learned to control my breathing during intense situations, and how that affects almost every other action/reaction my body does. From first spotting the animal to releasing the arrow (or pulling the trigger) to watching the animal fall is all connected to my bodies actions and reactions.
I’ve learned how to block out sounds and how to focus on the animal. How to read their body language, and use it to my advantage. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I’ve learned how to track foot prints and read the signs around me. It’s taught me patients and a stronger motivation. I’ve never felt more in tune with nature, as I have the few times I’ve gone hunting. I have realized how close it can bring people together.
To experience the thrill and excitement of hunting is something I will never take for granted. It brought me and my older sister together closer than we ever were. I have recently moved from Northern California to Oregon and haven’t been able to go hunting since. My sister always let me use her equipment, so now that I’m far away (and tight on finances) I haven’t been able to go. It was truly a privilege to have those opportunities to bond both with my sister and nature. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly get back out there, and soon be able to take my little boy out and start teaching him.

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