Arika’s Corner – 2014 Colorado Archery Elk Hunt

I had 9 years of flatland bow hunting experience under my belt. After listening to my husband Curt’s endless stories of his elk hunting adventures, viewing hundreds of scenic pictures, and even having our house graced with a shoulder mount of a Pope and Young 6×6 bull elk that he had arrowed; I was ready […]

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Arika’s Corner – 2016 Ontario Spring Archery Black Bear Hunt

My husband Curt and I both chose a career in law enforcement knowing that many sacrifices would come with this career. One sacrifice that I did not count on was that the city and department we worked for would have a policy that would not allow officers to marry each other. After an 11 year […]

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2016 Spring Nebraska Archery Turkey Hunt

The moment I met my husband, I knew he was a keeper. I had always loved the outdoors but my hunting had been limited to firearms deer hunting. Curt was an archer and to spend more time with him, I asked if he would introduce me to archery hunting. Curt gladly accepted and after dating […]

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