Jeana’s Bow Review

Lately as I have been visiting my hunting sites and posting on my Facebook groups I have come across a couple of things which have caught my attention. One thing in particular is the excessive goading and badgering back and forth between people on the brands of bows that they shoot. Trust me I know […]

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Why I Choose Ladder Stands

Hunting has always been a couple of different things for me. It has been a way of providing for my family and a way of escaping all the busyness of life and just relaxing and getting back to nature. This is my time, and I want it to be as stress-free as possible. Part of […]

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Becoming Bowhuntress

The desire to hunt has always been in my blood, although I have not always hunted. As a young child, a little girl, I was not allowed. I was raised in a family of four with my mom, dad, and younger brother in southern Ohio up an ole dirt road in the middle of nowhere. […]

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